How To Add a Timer or Countdown on Windows 10

Timer or Countdown on Windows 10

We are waiting for the days of the year with greater enthusiasm, and for this reason, very often, it may be useful to consult the time missing on the fateful date. In these cases, you can rely on applications and software with timer or countdown options. In particular, today, we will see the best and easiest proposals for Windows 10.

Free countdown

Just as described in the title, the first program will allow the creation of a countdown in a manner free and straightforward. From the first screen, you can select all the preferred options, as well as adding the expected date. In reality, the available functions are many and all available on the official website or the same that will help us with the download.


Soft-Timer is probably one of the software simpler at all since it will only be able to show a countdown on the screen, without additional functions or too complicated options.


neither Chronometask it presents itself with an interface that is too complex to use, even if the design is not very modern. The available functions are all accessible within the same timer screen, with style very similar to the first one’s digital alarm clocks.

Orzeszek Timer

Another free mini-program to use on Windows 10 is Orzeszek Timer, with a design slightly more in line with the style of the Microsoft operating system, while still offering some quite essential functions.


Finally, in case you prefer a more complex and advanced software, we recommend you try “MultiTimer,” available for free within the official store from Microsoft. The controls might seem too complicated at first glance, but its many functions will help you manage dozens of different timers simultaneously.

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