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How To Activate Developer Options [Enable USB Debugging on Android]

Developer Options

How To Activate Developer Options [Enable USB Debugging on Android]

These options are designed for professionals, but many of them are quite useful for the average user. First, you need to access the options in the settings of our device. To do this, go to “Settings> About phone”. Then, go to the “Version number” and click on it 7 times in a row.

When you do, a notification will appear telling you that we already have the Developer options. Then just go back to the settings menu and these options will be visible above the “About phone” section.


After activating this session, several additional features will be available to make your Android even smarter. It is possible to adjust the processing of 3D graphics, decrease the speed of system animations and limit applications that run in the background. Among other settings.

The programmer options allow the user to make several changes to their Android, such as monitoring the operation of apps and increasing the speed of animations. Originally – and as the name implies – these resources are intended for application programmers for the OS so that they can test them and produce applications and resources.

However, some of these features can be used by all users who want to have more control over the Google platform, and who would like to access all the different functions on the smartphone.

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