9 Step To Check If your Android Has Been Hacked


How can you check if your smartphone has been hacked? and what measures can you take to keep your device and the data it contains safe?

The hackers have evolved over the years and increasingly point to smartphones for several reasons. The most important of these is for personal data, but not only does taking control of intelligent devices, in fact, allow much more than simple data collection.

For example, cryptojacking is the system by which hackers use the computing power of a phone to extract cryptocurrency.

What happens if your smartphone has been hacked

Data theft, credit card fraud or illegal crypto mining: these are some of the many examples of what could happen if your phone is hacked.

The problem is how to find out what happens behind the screen and stop it before the damage is done.

There are a number of clues that may indicate a possible attack by a hacker, below nine are listed, but your smartphone does not need to be subject to all, even a part of it is enough to suspect that it has been hacked.

It is also true that only a couple of them do not necessarily indicate that your smartphone is under the control of an attacker, there could be other problems of malfunctioning, for example, which leads your device to overheat.

1) Overheating

It is normal for cell phones to overheat when they are charging or if you are playing some heavy games. If it is a low-end smartphone, it overheats even when you watch videos that are too long. But, if your phone overheats for no apparent reason when it is not in use, it is undoubtedly indication of some problem.

At this point, you should look for that app or process, or more, that is running in the background without your permission. To do it go up Settings and go to Application management or App where you will find the section dedicated to running apps or you will see a green circle, depending on the type of interface.

Experienced users can enable Developer Option (click on the Android build number 10 times) and check the running services.

2) Battery consumption

If you notice that the battery drains faster than usual, unwanted processes may be running in the background.

Go to Settings and therefore Battery and therefore details of use, also here the various items may vary according to the UI.