7 Tricks Yo Win in KartRider Rush+


KartRider Rush + is now available to everyone on Google Play and has several game modes, all very fun. More than a racing game, it is a whole new universe of varied characters, settings, karts, and elements that offer a great alternative to the Mario Kart Tour.

The game modes that you can play are speed race, arcade, ranked, history, and time trial.

Discover what each one has to offer you. But do it using these tips and tricks to win at KartRider Rush +. This will move you faster.

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It will not be difficult for you to get used to the controls of this game.

The important thing is that you execute the maneuvers at the right time and learn to take advantage of all the possibilities that the game offers you to level up.

This is how you can access advanced features that will help you win frequently.

Here are some tips so you can win each race. Keep them in mind. The game is currently in English, so we will show you some words in this language, so you don’t get lost.

Take advantage of Turbo, Drift, and Nitro impulses to gain advantage

Turbo, Drift and Nitro impulses to gain advantage

At the start of each race, you have a button to activate the turbo.

It is important that you use it immediately to position yourself in the first place from the first moment. You can’t anticipate or wait too long or it won’t work

Every time you do a good drift, a blue flame icon appears on the screen, with it you will get a slight extra boost. This impulse can be used to achieve an advance or to take a ramp with greater speed.

To achieve a good drift or drift, you only have to press the drift button at the same time as you press the button to turn to the side indicated by the curve.

At the end of the curve, remember to press the opposite direction button, this will stabilize the Kart.

The theory is easy, but learning to control it may take a few hours. Depending on the angle of the curve, you must enter closed or open, since it is important not to crash and stay in the optimal area of ​​the drift while you drift, to gain the highest possible turbo.

Without this, it will be impossible to win races as you progress through the game, so it is important that you learn it from the first moment.

The button Nitro can use it whenever you want, as you master drifting and run automatically recharge. Accompany you throughout the competition.

Just be careful not to misuse it while running adrift, as you can easily lose control of the kart. It is there where you will have to practice a lot.

It is very important that you level up quickly

Leveling up allows you to unlock features you need to win with ease. For example: when you reach level 15 you can update the karts and thus use them to the maximum of their possibilities.

You have several ways to level up. By playing in story mode you can earn a lot of EXP. Completing the daily missions also gives you EXP points.

And obviously, the more races you play, the faster your level will increase. Spend time daily and in a week you can be at the highest levels.

Improve the potential of your Racer

Updating your runner’s attributes increases the performance of the racer. It is very important that you do it regularly, to have your character 100%.

To perform the attribute updates go to the main screen, touch the “Potential” button in the lower-left corner. To raise the attributes you must spend Lucci coins. Do not worry, in the next section we explain how to earn coins.

Learn about the different types of currency and discover what they are for

Improve the potential of your Racer

Coins are required to upgrade, purchase items, pets, sets, etc. You find various types of these coins within the competitions. We explain what each one consists of :

Lucci, the gold coins. You get them in races, in story mode, and in missions. They serve you to increase the potential.
K-coins is another basic currency that you can earn in missions and events. You can use them to buy new karts, racers, among other things.
Batteries are premium coins, they are only obtained in exchange for real money and are used to purchase exclusive items.
The Turbocrystals (Krystal tube) you get in missions or events and they serve you to improve your karts mainly.
To improve your pets you use the element milk (Milk). Pets are not only a companion, but they also help you improve attributes.
The racers, their karts, and pets
The combination of these three elements is crucial to achieving high performance during races. Each comes with its own attributes that make it preferable for certain scenarios.

At the start of the game, you can choose between two free runners: Dao and Diz. As you advance you will be able to access others with better attributes. To get brokers to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Storage menu.
  2. Choose the racer option.
  3. Click on the Racer list (list of runners) and touch the card of the runner you want. It will show you how to get that character. Some may be purchased

Karts offers certain attributes that serve you for certain scenarios, it is important that you keep it in mind for races, they can help you win. A very useful tip is to use the karts in your collection that can only be managed for a limited time. They are very powerful and will earn you many gifts in the short time that you use them.

Try the Karts as you unlock them. Find out which one best suits your driving style. Not because you have a new kart it will go faster than the previous one. Your driving style is what will decide whether or not you have a good kart.

Improve the potential of your Racer

Pets or pets accompany the runner and provide very useful benefits. You can update them with milk. To find out what attributes you find in a certain pet, go to Storage, Pet, and press the Pet List button.

Touch the pet you want and hold to know the attributes it offers you.

Get coins playing the mini-games

At the bottom of the main screen, you find the Home option. There, in addition to being able to decorate your house and build your garage to store your kart collection, you can find the mini-games button at the top right. You can get rewards like decorative items, Lucci coins, homemade coins, etc. They will be very useful to you.

Join a club or create your own

By doing this you will get daily rewards like Turbocrystals, K-coins, club mission outfit medals, etc. To activate this option you must reach level 11. On the main screen, you will find the Club option, there you can join one or create your own.

Ok, now you already know some tricks and tips to win in KartRider Rush +, but the true masters are formed by practicing. Download the game and share your strategies in the comments.