7 mobile applications that help to take care of health

Modern gadgets can not only show time, call, shoot, play music and go online. They are able to signal health problems and even save lives.

Heart Rate for Apple Watch


Gaston D’Akino was in church when his Apple Watch gave a signal for an unusually high pulse. A man came to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with blockage of two of the three arteries, which in a matter of days should have led to a fatal heart attack.

The Heart Rate feature, built into the Apple Watch (starting with the Series 1 model and ending with the newest one), reads your heart rate using the sensors on the back of the display. It was this function that determined the increased heart rate and sent the man a notification that the pulse exceeded the required values ​​for the state of rest.


The method by which the clock counts your pulse is called photoplethysmography  – a method of recording blood flow using an infrared or light source and a photoresistor. A photoresistor determines the blood flow as follows: the stronger the flow, the less light the body’s tissues absorb, so more light comes back to the photoresistor.



iOS and  Android

Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen in the blood, respiratory rate, lung volume – this is a basic list of what can be measured using the iCare app. In addition, in the program, you can take a rapid test for vision and hearing. The program includes a pedometer and training records.

However, some users have noted inaccuracies in the measurement of pressure in comparison with the data provided by the tonometer.

Lady Pill Reminder


iOS and  Android

A minimalistic application with a simple blister interface that helps keep track of birth control pills. In the settings, you need to specify the type of tablets, their number and time of admission, and the program will send you push-notifications (although in the Android application they sometimes do not work). There are no paid options, because, in fact, he has one function.


iOS and  Android

The Medisafe mobile application is much broader in functionality than the previous one: here you can track any prescribed medication. Moreover, the program allows you to add both regular medications (coursework) and one-time medications that you have taken according to your well-being (anesthetic or hypnotic, for example).

For consultations with your doctor, you can download reports in PDF and XLS format, enter data about your pressure, blood glucose level, weight, and other parameters. There are also less significant, but convenient options: synchronization of reminders with the Android Wear watch, installation of different melodies for individual preparations.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet turned on the function that displays the beginning and end of the medication, how many pills are taken and how many are still left (the program still takes into account only the number of course days), and there is no possibility to set a break in taking the medications.



iOS and  Android

If you were looking for an application to account for your menstrual cycle without a pink interface with hearts and flowers, then here it is!

But if no joke, this is one of the richest applications. In addition to recording menstruation and subsequent analysis of cycles with the calculation of average values, the program provides daily data on more than 20 parameters: bleeding intensity, hygiene products used, appetite, weight, hair and skin condition, pain, discharge, contraceptive use, and other contraceptive measures. You can still record your mood, sleep, whether you took alcohol or smoked, did you play sports today.

Despite the fact that there is no infographic for each of the parameters, and everything is displayed every day on the calendar and some users talk about the difficulty of transferring data to a new smartphone and restoring the account, Clue was recognized as the best free application for tracking monthly according to the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock


iOS and  Android

If someone has problems with both falling asleep and waking up, then try installing yourself a Sleep Cycle. It analyzes sounds and vibrations during sleep using an accelerometer and the patented Sleep Cycle sound analysis technology. According to the results, the program produces a preferred period of time – a fast sleep phase, on which an alarm clock should be set. Additional features worth noting statistics: your personal sleep trends and comparisons with other users from different countries. You can also record your mood right after the alarm.

In the version on Android, while there are not all the functions that the program provides on iOS. And unfortunately, the application provides only a free trial period of 30 days, after which it will write off the first payment.



iOS and  Android

Do not treat snoring carelessly: its presence signals breathing problems that can be caused by asthma, allergies, smoking and other factors that weaken the muscles of the larynx and lead to apnea – a potentially dangerous condition when the trachea is blocked and the brain receives less oxygen.

This program records the sound throughout your sleep and the next morning is statistics on the cases when you snored. Depending on the intensity and frequency of snoring, you can make a decision about consulting a doctor and taking special medicines – they can also be made in this application. A positive impression of the program to someone can be spoiled by the fact that there is no Russian language and paid access to an expanded set of functions.


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