The 7 best Kodi add-ons to play

The 7 best Kodi add-ons to play

The 7 best Kodi add-ons to play

The 7 best Kodi add-ons to play

The 7 most useful Kodi add-ons to play

Kodi is mainly known as an app for streaming movies and TV shows. Although these functions are primary for this platform, not everyone knows that it can also be used for gaming.

With the installation of the right add-ons, Kodi can be transformed into a gaming system (especially from a retrogaming perspective). In this article, we want to go and identify the various solutions that this tool offers from a gaming perspective through its add-ons.

ROM Collection Browser

As your game collection grows, you will need an add-on that allows you to view, manage and launch them without having to struggle to find each individual title.


Being one of the best Kodi add-ons for games, ROM Collection Browser is the ideal solution for this need.

This will not only list all the games available on your Kodi system, but you can also use it to define which parameters and specific emulators the game will use at startup, thus saving time unnecessarily. Many options are preconfigured: you can simply select the option already proposed by the software and start the title.

The add-on is available in the official Kodi repository. You will find it in the Program Add-ons section.


The retro player is a native feature of Kodi that made its debut in version 18 of Kodi (known as Leia) and, to date, on this platform, many emulators require this add-on to work.


If you are using an older version of Kodi, you can install the latest update by going to the platform’s website and downloading the latest version for desktop or you can via the app store (if you intend to use the player from mobile).

Note: If you’ve sideloaded Kodi, the upgrade method is less straightforward. Read our guide on how to update Kodi on a Fire Stick for more information.


The 7 best Kodi add-ons to play

To be able to play on Kodi using Retroplayer, you will still need an emulator and, in this sense, one of the most useful for playing old PC games is undoubtedly DOSBox.


You can install the add-on by going to Settings – Add-ons – Download – Install from Repository – Kodi Add-on Repository – Game Add-ons – Emulators and selecting DOS (DOSBox).

DOSBox simulates an IBM PC machine running classic MS-DOS. It supports the audio, input, and graphics of an old Desktop PC, making it possible to play old games that ran on the 80s and 90s computers.

Some of the classic games you can play via DOSBox include PacmanActua SoccerDoom,  Wolfenstein, and other great classics. You can even use this emulator to run older versions of Windows.

The Internet Archive ROM Launcher

ROM emulated game falls into an area defined as “gray” from a legal point of view.


The ROM format itself can be legitimate if you own an original cartridge or under certain other conditions. In this sense, each state has its own laws on this, sometimes not very clear.

The service of The Internet Archive, in this sense, appears as one of the theoretically completely legal solutions. We are talking about a kind of “digital museum” that contains some of the classic arcade games like JoustAstro BlasterCommando, and Pitfall II. In fact, there are hundreds of games available that have made history.

Of course, you can play directly via The Internet Archive’s site. However, if you want a Kodi interface that allows you to run titles from within the app, you need to download the Internet Archive ROM Launcher.

You will find the add-on in the Zach Morris repository.



The 7 best Kodi add-ons to play

Apps like Twitch have revolutionized the way gamers can find and enjoy gaming-side content. The Amazon-owned company streams gaming competitions, esports, chat shows, and more.

The Twitch add-on for Kodi is available in the official repository of the app in question. To install the app, go to Add-ons – Install from repository – Kodi Add-on repository – Video Add-ons – Twitch.

Steam Community

The 7 best Kodi add-ons to play


The Steam Community acts as the central hub for every game on Steam. It includes screenshotsgraphicsvideosnewsreviewslive streams, and mods for every game on that platform (and there are so many titles available).

This Kodi add-on transfers some of the Steam features to the Kodi app. The main focus of the add-on is live streaming broadcasts – meaning you can tune into your favorite players’ feeds without leaving the Kodi interface. Only public streams are supported, and you can also use the add-on to view screenshots and graphics.

Steam Community offers filters by language, popular videos, and new videos, as well as a search function, which means you’ll be able to find the content you’re looking for in a flash. A good alternative to Twitch if you want to watch other people’s gaming sessions.

Again, the add-on is available via the official Kodi repository.



If you don’t have time to get your hands on third-party emulators, ROMs, and repositories, you can try playing a standalone Kodi game, without proceeding with additional installations.

In truth, there are very few such games out there, but one worth installing is Netwalk. The premise is simple: you need to join the different colored tubes to connect two computers to the network with the fewest possible moves. The game, while simple, can be surprisingly addicting.

It is a title that works best on a touchscreen tablet or laptop, although it is also possible to play with a mouse.

You can find the Netwalk game in the official Kodi repository. Just go to the Program Add-ons section of the repository to locate it.


Kodi and gaming

Gaming is certainly not a priority for Kodi and its developers, but the situation in this sense is undoubtedly improving.

As the add-ons we examined in this article show, you can take advantage of this platform for retrogaming or indulge in dedicated titles for Kodi. In case you are a fan of dating games, however, the advice is to opt for special consoles or similar systems.

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