It’s summer already and who doesn’t dream of a perfect day by the sea? The truth is that although a day at the beach or pool can be a refreshing and revitalizing experience, the heat and humidity can be harmful to your smartphone.

These equipment are today our great companions and we barely live without them, and it is common for you to use yours on the beach to do scroll on social networks or even to take selfies with friends.

You can do all of that, but there are some precautions that are advised. THE WIKO, European smartphone company, tell you 5 of them!


5 WIKO tips to protect your smartphone in the summer 1

1. Keep your smartphone out of the water
Seawater contains salt and this is a highly corrosive element once inside smartphones, causing damage quickly. THE selfie in the pool may seem like a good idea, but even that chlorinated water can be harmful to your equipment due to chemicals that help speed up the corrosion process.

These damages can affect from the screen to the battery and, at worst, to the processor. So, although you are accompanied by your device, try to keep it as far away from the water as possible.

2. Clean it frequently
People sweat a lot during the summer. In addition, they also use many moisturizers and sunscreen. All of this can end on your smartphone at any time, creating an oily substance on the screen, making it sticky.

However, this can be remedied with the use of wipes or microfiber cloths. Just moisten them and wipe them on the screen to clean. Although cleaning your smartphone screen should be done all year round, you should pay more attention to this in the summer.

3. Take extra care with activities billboard
In the summer we all want to take advantage of the heat to enjoy some outdoor activities whether through hiking, cycling, running or even camping.

If that’s your case, just be careful when running or cycling and keep your smartphone safe so you don’t take a direct dip to the ground. Also dry your hands before handling it, for example, to respond to messages from the Whatsapp, as sweat can enter the home button and behind the screen.

4. Protect you from the beach sand
Most smartphone covers have openings that allow sand particles to enter the device and can cause damage such as scratched screens or clogged speakers.

Instead of putting your equipment on display in a suitcase full of sand or directly on the beach towel, you can put it in a bag dedicated to it, or else in a plastic bag so that you only need to shake the sand.

5. Too much attention to heat
As the weather warms up, so do smartphones. If you leave your equipment for a long time in the sun while you go for a swim, on the table of a terrace or even in the car, you risk overheating it.

If this happens, never try to cool it down quickly by placing it, for example, in the refrigerator – the risk of damage from condensation is very high and the ice is not good for the device either. Instead, you choose to turn it off and put it in the shade so that it cools down slowly. Never charge it during this period, because if the battery is already very hot, it should not be under more stress due to charging.