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5 things PS5 can do while in rest mode

5 things PS5 can do while in rest mode

Putting your console into sleep mode is often underestimated. In fact, this is an option that in many cases makes itself more useful than actually shutting down the PS5. A console in a “sleep” state tends to use less energy, but the advantage of this condition is not limited to this.

Taking into account that, compared to the previous generation, the process to obtain this mode has not changed one iota, in this article, we will see the 5 advantages related to this situation

You can use your PS5 remotely for gaming

One of the best things about keeping your PS5 in rest mode is the ability to use the console remotely via the mobile app. You can use the latter to download and install games on your console while you are away from home, and your games will be ready for use as soon as you get back.

When your PS5 takes advantage of this mode, you can also use the remote play function to play PlayStation games on your mobile device. It’s worth mentioning that this app uses more data than other video streaming apps, so keep this in mind if you’re not using a stable Wi-Fi connection compared to limited data traffic.

Provided you have an adequate connection, you can therefore take most PS5 titles with you directly to your smartphone – a significant advantage if you are traveling.

The games can be updated at any time

Another cool feature of your PS5’s sleep mode is that games can be updated whenever they need to, without manual intervention. Regardless of whether a new update launches mid-day or midnight, your PS5 will automatically update games as soon as the updates are available.

So when you are ready to play, your console will have already updated them and you will not have to wait for any time to download and install the packages yourself.

Your controllers charge in sleep mode

You probably know that your DualSense controllers can charge while your PS5 is powered on, but did you know they can do the same thing even while your console is in sleep mode?

This information is very important for users who forget to charge their controllers and, at the time they are able to play, they cannot use that peripheral. By charging your controllers using this mode, you will also have lower power consumption, since the console does the job while remaining “asleep”.

The suspension of the game

Another thing that the rest mode allows you to do is suspend your games if the condition does not allow you to save and exit. This is very useful if you don’t have the option to save but, for various reasons, you have to leave the console. You can view the game menu to pause the game itself, then put the console in sleep mode.

When you pause a game in this way, everything will remain as it was when you quit the session. It’s like you quit the game to check the PlayStation Store or change a setting on your PS5 and then immediately go back to playing.

Your console saves energy

Of course, turning off the console completely saves more energy than when it is on. But sleep mode strikes the perfect balance of saving power while also letting you run neat features that make your console’s overall experience more enjoyable.

Discover all the nuances of your PS5

The mode we talked about in this article is one of the many features of the PS5 that make it a console so popular with gamers all over the world. While it may not be among the most impressive features, this feature is a “side dish” that allows you to further appreciate what Sony has done.

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