Android is the cusp of mobile personalization. Being based on a Linux kernel, its code is open to anyone who wants to modify it at will. This allows you to add unique options and features that either solve specific problems or add interesting extras.


For most, changing the mobile theme or icons is more than enough, a theme of visual customization and little else. Then, there are those who want a little more and root the mobile to make changes like those added by the Xposed modules. And there are the most extreme, those who dare to install a custom Android ROM to change things from the core itself.

With the simplicity that Android offers us to be modified, the ROM cook community is huge. As we mentioned, these customized versions of Android offer excellent alternatives to those of the manufacturer. But, Are they all advantages? And, if we show you 5 reasons not to install an alternative ROM on your Android mobile, can you come with us?

Say goodbye to the mobile warranty

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With the installation of custom software, we are eliminating the one designed by the manufacturer to ensure that the terminal works perfectly. If, in addition, we add the fact that installing a ROM carries risks and we can damage the mobile, the problem is aggravated because the manufacturer will not accept to give us support or guarantee.

A measure that makes sense, because the manufacturer has the right to claim that we have modified certain sections of the mobile that compromise the integrity and proper functioning of the same. Especially, in cases where voltage changes are involved to accelerate performance or to reduce battery consumption.

Bugs, new versions must be treated with care

bug error android 10 "width =" 700 "height =" 350The Alternative ROMs need development time to correct bugs, especially if we talk about the first versions. It happens that, in the community, many times the speed of exit ROMS based on new versions of Android, when they need to be tested and can contain numerous operating details.

When a new custom ROM comes out, the user experience can be quite unstable, and in addition, some functions may not work properly until the code is better polished, being the camera, the WiFi and the Bluetooth the ones that take longer to fix.

One way to protect yourself from this is to wait for the release of stable versions. But it is also a factor that depends on community work because of the greater the number of developers, the faster the solutions.

Loss of quality in the chamber, the Achilles heel

google pixel camera 4 "width =" 700 "height =" 350One of the most common problems in alternative ROMs is the loss of quality when taking pictures, an element of great importance, especially now that we have mobiles with so many cameras. This happens because the process of capturing an image is not just a matter of hardware.

Image processing does not depend solely on a good sensor and a good lens. It also depends on the software that is responsible for selecting, processing and improving the result of a photograph; and many times this is achieved by manufacturers through proprietary drivers and applications, which are not available to the community.

We can lose the exclusive functions of a manufacturer

spen galaxy note 10 "width =" 700 "height =" 350As with the camera, Many manufacturers design exclusive functions for their smartphones, with the idea of ​​differentiating them from the rest. These functions can be infrared ports, touch pencils, the recent Motion Sense, etc.

And if it’s exclusive, the deprivation of these codes from the community becomes reality, because no manufacturer wants its differentiating brand to be used by third parties.

We don’t always gain autonomy

autonomia battery android "width =" 700 "height =" 350One of the main reasons for many people when switching to a ROM is to get better autonomy and performance on your mobile. However, this is not fully accomplished and sometimes the loss of autonomy in the battery happens, especially if we talk about very green versions of a ROM.

Likewise, manufacturer optimization also plays an important role In this contest. If the manufacturer has done a good job in the energy consumption section, it will be difficult to achieve better autonomy.

remember that the installation of alternative roms carries risks, takes forecasts

But enough to give sticks with reasons not to install a custom ROM on an Android mobile. The truth is that these also have numerous advantages, and add interesting features that make the mobile device even better.

Likewise, if you are a person who changes a little mobile, a custom ROM will always be your best friend to keep it updated. This will also allow you to recover compatibility with certain applications that no longer support old versions of the system.