4 Hidden Xiaomi Settings

Beyond the multiple options and adjustments that MIUI allows us, Xiaomi has hidden various functionalities. These allow us to squeeze the full potential of our smartphone or even check the state of itself of each of its internal components.

In the face of it, below we have collected four hidden settings on your Xiaomi that you should try at least once. These are activated either by dialing a specific number or by enabling registration through the creation of a file. Without further ado, let’s move on to it:

1. Developer options, a world to know …

Although it is generally recommended not to modify the values ​​present in the developer options of our Xiaomi if it is true that some of its parameters allow us to activate the most interesting functions.

For activating developer options on our Xiaomi With MIUI we will only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> My device
  2. Once inside we will press several times on the «MIUI version» until the message «The development options have been activated» appears.

From this new option available in Settings> Additional settings> Developer options, we can adjust a fake GPS location or even speed up the animations of our Xiaomi. To do this we just have to perform the following steps:

  1. We go back to Settings> Additional settings> Developer options
  2. Then we access the Animation level and modify the following values ​​to speed up the animations:
    • Level of window animation: 0.5X
    • Level of transitions animation: 0.5X
    • Level of animations duration: 0.5X

2. Menu CIT, check the status of each internal component of your Xiaomi

Xiaomi integrates among the settings of its smartphones a check menu that allows us to perform a complete test of each of the internal components of the device in question.

From this CIT menu, we can check all the hardware of our Xiaomi, from its speaker to its touch panel. Also, we can check the correct operation of the microphone, wifi, Bluetooth, screen, touch and so with practically every component.

To check the correct operation of our Xiaomi and that of each of its components we must enter the CIT menu. To do this, simply perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> My device> All specifications
  2. Once inside we will press 5 times in a row on the Kernel Version

After that, the CIT of our device will automatically open, allowing us to check each of its internal components. To do this, simply enter the section in question and proceed to the checks that the device asks us.

3. Hidden system options

In addition to what has been seen, various configuration menus are not visible to the user. Various options that we can access thanks to the application Hidden Settings for MIUI

, compatible with any Xiaomi smartphone that has at least Android 5 Lollipop.

With MIUI Quick Setting we will be able to access endless options, such as testing hardware performance, simply configure all default system apps, or even change the power mode or the size of the screen.


4. Hidden camera options of your Xiaomi

Beyond the best-known parameters that a camera application could integrate, Xiaomi has integrated into MIUI various photo modes and settings you probably didn’t know. Parallel processing, MFNR, or the possibility of disabling beauty mode in portrait mode are some of the hidden settings in the camera of your Xiaomi.

If you want to enable hidden MIUI camera settings, the first step is to download a file explorer that allows you to create files. In this case, Cx Explorer It is a free option that in addition to working very well, is perfect for activating the hidden settings on our Xiaomi.

After downloading Cx Explorer, we will only have to carry out the following steps to activate the hidden settings of the MIUI camera:

  1. Enter the file explorer and go to the path Main Storage> DCIM> Camera
  2. Once inside we will create a file called «lab_options_visible» As shown in the previous image.
  3. After that we will only have to access the camera of our Xiaomi, go to its settings, and the so-called «will have been activating experimental characteristics.

Secret codes that we can use in a Xiaomi

In order to access the hidden menus that give us access to the secret codes, we just have to mark them in the phone application of our Xiaomi. The most important and relevant are:

  • * # * # 426 # * # *: Allows you to obtain relevant information in relation to Google services (Google Play Services (.
  • * # 06 #: Allows you to obtain the IMEI code of our Xiaomi, as well as the serial number.
  • * # * # 4636 # * # *: Shows information related to the WiFi connection and allows us to ping in order to check the Internet connection.
  • * # * # 225 # * # *: It allows us to obtain information about the calendar, the number of events, and other related details.
  • * # * # 6484 # * # * : Accesses the CIT Menu or Hardware Test Menu. From this, we can check the general status of the entire device including its battery, screen, proximity sensor, etc.