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Applications make our phones indispensable companions in everyday life, whether with their games or productivity apps for smartphones. The best apps, however, are paid for, but we now have some good “tassels”.

These are excellent opportunities to safely renew the range of applications installed from the Google Play Store. Note that all this content was paid for, but can now be downloaded for free during the indicated promotional period. Enjoy!

Productivity and management apps now free

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These are the best productivity and general management apps that you can now install without paying on your Android. Among the “tassels” of the week we recommend “Learn to run”, the premium version for those who want to practice running outdoors and safely.

Alternatively, for those who listen to music on the phone, we recommend Equalizer FX Pro, a powerful EQ app that is worthwhile, especially now that it can be yours without spending money.

Android games temporarily free

The list of free Android games is vast, but we highlight the three titles in the League of Stickman saga, extremely fun to play on the phone. We also have some RPG games and an inspired “Dungeons and Heroes” with its own atmosphere.

All games can be installed without paying during the indicated promotional period. In fact, at the end of the promotion, when they are paid again, they remain installed on the Android tablet or smartphone until the user decides to remove them (uninstall).

Start the week with these “tassels” on the Play Store

Finally, we realize the app Pixel Net White – Icon Pack, an icon pack for Android. Suitable for those who want to give a new look to your mobile device, this app costs € 0.99 and can be installed for free for 6 days.

All apps listed on the Play Store are verified by Play Protect, Google’s security platform. That said, you can download them without any major concerns.