10 Tips and Hidden Secrets of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung just released a listing matches 10 Best Tricks and Secrets of Galaxy S4 . Here you count so you can make the most and get the most out of your device.

Galaxy S4-8

Cheats and Secrets for Samsung Galaxy S4

If you have a Galaxy S4, you probably already have tried and tested the majority of its features and options.However, if the manufacturer published 10 Tricks and Secrets of the device, I think it would be wise to at least take a look and there may be things that we are overlooking.

So here I bring you the 10 Best Tricks and Secrets for Samsung Galaxy S4 :

Access the Quick Settings panel with two fingers

1 – When you swipe down with two fingers you can access the entire panel Configuration Guide (Quick Settings).You slide down the status bar ( status bar ) with two fingers and hold to access the settings. There you can drag the icons move and pressing on them with a long press.

S4 Galaxy Cheats and Secrets
Quick Settings

Add TV remote notifications

2 – the TV’s remote control can be added to notifications panel to access it quickly: Go to the Applications screen-> WatchOn-> Settings.

Tricks and Secrets Galaxy S4-2
Remote Control

Multitask with pop-up keyboard

3 – The keyboard may appear as a pop-up on top of other applications for multitasking. To do this, while the keyboard is active, you must click on the settings icon to the left of the space bar and then select the keyboard icon appears.

Tricks and Secrets Galaxy S4-3
Pop-up keyboard

Lock Mode

4 – You can set the lock mode to prevent the phone from ringing on incoming calls and other notifications. To activate it you must go to Settings -> My device -> Lock mode.

Tricks and Secrets Galaxy S4-4
Lock Mode

WiFi Timer

5 – A timer application Wi-Fi should help users save valuable mobile data since the phone only tries to connect to Wi-Fi networks available on a specific time period. To enable this option you must go to Settings -> Connections -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced -> Wi-Fi Timer.

Tricks and Secrets Galaxy S4-5
Timer Wi-Fi

Adapt Sound for better sound

6 – With Sound Adapt function, users can improve and properly calibrate the sound quality of your Galaxy S4.They must go Settings -> My device -> Sound -> Sound Adapt -> Start.

Tricks and Secrets Galaxy S4-6
Adapt Sound

Optimize audio for the call

7 – The audio during the call can also be optimized to enhance the experience of the call. To do this you must go to Settings -> My device -> Call.

Tricks and Secrets Galaxy S4-7
Galaxy S4 audio during a call

Best Video Display

8 – Visualization of videos on the Galaxy S4 also has some hidden features such as pinch-to-zoom (to extend / reduce the image of the screen), while you can also adjust the brightness and volume. To make these adjustments you need to activate the bars to touch the left and right side of the screen, respectively.

Tricks and Secrets Galaxy S4-8
Video Galaxy S4 pinch-to-zoom, adjust brightness and volume

Access the camera from the lock screen

9 – The Galaxy S4 allows direct access to the camera AFrom lock screen to take pictures and videos faster. Just go to Settings -> My device -> Lock Screen -> Widgets screen lock -> Camera. This function requires the lock screen is different PIN.

Tricks and Secrets Galaxy S4-9
Camera on lock screen

Change the message on the lock screen

10 – You can also customize your lock screen with custom fonts and colors. To enable this option you must go to Settings -> My device -> Lock Screen -> Widgets screen lock -> Edit personal information, if the display is protected by pattern or PIN. Another way is to touch and hold the message to the lock screen and drag it down the screen.

Tricks and Secrets Galaxy S4-10

Custom lock screen

Via: Samsung