10 Applications To Create and Edit Spreadsheets on Android

Create and Edit Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are an indispensable tool for many people. They allow you to manipulate numerical data as you wish to carry out endless tasks. So this time, we will tell you which are the best applications to create and edit spreadsheets from Android.

10 applications to manage spreadsheets on Android

In addition to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets (which are also included in this list), there are many mobile applications that allow you to manage spreadsheets. Take a look at the following list and download the one you like the most!

AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen is an application that includes a word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, and much more. With this tool, you can even draw and solve math exercises. AndrOpen Office allows you to import Microsoft Excel files (XLS and XLT), so it is postulated as a great option for everyone who wants to create or edit spreadsheets from their Android.

AndrOpen Office

Docs To Go

Docs To Go is a mobile application with a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentations. The spreadsheet tool supports Excel files and can be used to carry out a lot of tasks. Docs To Go has 111 different functions and great customization possibilities.

Docs To Go – Free Office Suite

Google spreadsheets

It is impossible to talk about spreadsheet applications without mentioning Google Sheets. This application is on Google Drive, has cross-platform support, is compatible with Microsoft Office files, and has a wide variety of functions.

To make matters worse, it has a collaboration option so that several people can work on the same spreadsheet in real-time. In addition, it also has several customization options that will help you give it your own style.

Google spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel

When someone mentions spreadsheets, the first thing you probably think of is Microsoft Excel. Without a doubt, this is the best tool that anyone who needs to work with spreadsheets can install.

The mobile application is very powerful, many companies use it to work and there are thousands of online tutorials that explain how to use it.

Although it is hard to believe, Excel has a function that allows you to photograph a table and turn it into a spreadsheet. Of course, the app is free for simple things, but you need a subscription to Microsoft 365 to enjoy all its options.

Excel: View, edit and create spreadsheets


OfficeSuite is one of the most popular competitors for Microsoft Office and Google Drive on mobile devices. It is several years old and has a lot of features that are very useful.

The spreadsheets part includes support for Excel and more. But even if it is a free application, you must pay a monthly subscription to remove the ads, add 154 document formats and unlock 24 additional functions.

However, it is a good alternative for those who want to perform simple spreadsheet tasks from their mobile.

OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

Polaris Office

Polaris is another old alternative to Microsoft Office and Google Drive. It has been in the Google Play Store for many years and comes with what you need to be able to modify spreadsheets to your liking, including compatibility with all Excel files.

You can use the spreadsheet function to do a lot of things, including charts and other functions. To make matters worse, the application comes with a fairly simple and modern interface.

Polaris Office – Free Docs, Sheets, Slides + PDF


Quip is an excellent alternative for companies that work with spreadsheets. It has a decent number of features, including the ability to edit documents with other people and chat with them directly through the app. Plus, it has over 300 spreadsheet functions and even lets you embed a spreadsheet in any document.


Smart office

SmartOffice has quite a bit of travel and is one of the most veteran spreadsheet applications. It comes with a lot of features and its spreadsheet functionality is pretty decent.

Be careful, it is not as beautiful as other applications that appear in this list. However, it is completely free and does not offer monthly paid subscriptions or anything like that.

SmartOffice – View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs

Table notes

Table Notes is somewhat different from the other tools in this collection. Why? Because most spreadsheet apps are part of a larger suite that lets you open Word, PowerPoint, and more. In short, Table Notes is not a complete tool like Office, but an application that only allows you to manipulate spreadsheets.

It is very simple, so you will not be intimidated by the large number of functions it offers. With Tablet Notes you can add things like photos, audios, and drawings in spreadsheets.

In addition, it supports signatures, dates, times, and the possibility of entering mathematical formulas for deeper integration. Of course, the free version is not compatible with Excel files.

Table Notes – – Mobile Pocket Database

WPS Office

WPS Office has long been recognized as the best free spreadsheet application.

Currently, it is still free, but you must pay a monthly subscription to remove the ads and take advantage of its full potential.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight that it has support for Microsoft Excel and integration with Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive. Although many people complain that ads within the application can be a nuisance, WPS Office has everything you need to manipulate spreadsheets on your Android.

WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel

Were you looking for a complete and free office suite for your mobile? Without a doubt, it represents a great solution for anyone who wants to use something similar to Microsoft Office on their Android.

As you have surely noticed, there are many applications that allow you to manipulate spreadsheets from your Android. On the other hand, we invite you to see this article with the best office suites to work with documents on your mobile. And you, which of all the tools did you like the most?

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