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10 alternatives to My Scores to see live football results

alternatives to My Scores

If we had to say what is the most popular sport in the world, I think we would all say soccer. And it is that football is played everywhere on the planet and is followed with great fervor both in Europe and in America, and even in Asia and Oceania. Currently, there are so many leagues, teams and players of this incredible sport in every country , so keeping track of all of them is almost impossible. Fortunately, there are also many applications that make this easy, such as My Bookmarks.

With My Scores you can see the results of soccer matches in real time, calendars, statistics, among other things. And not only football, but also basketball, tennis, baseball, hockey, e-sports and any other professional sport . This website (which also has a mobile app) recently changed its name to FlashScore and perhaps that is why many people are now looking for alternatives to My Bookmarks. Well, if you are one of those people, here are 10 applications similar to My bookmarks so that you do not miss a single piece of sports events.

SofaScore, live results of the best leagues in the world


SofaScore is one of the most complete applications to follow sports results. It has live scores for 22 different sports , including soccer, basketball, tennis, motorsports, American football, volleyball, hockey, among others. In addition, it has statistics of probabilities so that you know what is the most probable result in a specific match.

It also offers a player scoring system where you can find out who the best players are in recent matches. In fact, on SofaScore each player and team has a file with many details of their performance, in case you need to do an analysis on this.

As if that were not enough, SofaScore is one of the few apps of its kind that is optimized for smartwatches (with WearOS).

Website | SofaScore

Results Soccer 2020 and Livescore – SofaScore

My bookmarks | SofaScore


Livescore is a clone of My Bookmarks. If you visit their website, you will notice that immediately as they use the exact same design or interface. So if you came here looking for a web page that is identical to My Bookmarks, then Livescore is for you . In addition to live scores for many soccer and other sports leagues and tournaments, Livescore also offers you post-match analysis of some games and 360 ° replays of the best LaLiga goals .

In Livescore you will also find live commentary of the matches, which will be very useful to keep a personalized follow-up of the players in case you are playing fantasy football. In addition, its mobile app can send you notifications in real time to notify you of a partial result or an important event that has occurred in the matches of the leagues you follow.

Website | LiveScore

LiveScore: Live Sports Scores

BeSoccer, live scores with news from the world of football


BeSoccer is an application that will keep you informed of the world of football in every way. Not only does it allow you to see the live results of any soccer league and tournament in the world, but it also gives you news about the players and the teams. In this app you will find transfer rumors, injury reports, statements, pre and post-match analysis and much more… It even offers a section where they inform you which games will be shown on television so you don’t miss them.

The only disadvantage of BeSoccer compared to other apps of its kind is that it only works for soccer . If this is the only sport that interests you, then BeSoccer is your ideal application.

Website | BeSoccer

BeSoccer – Soccer Results

ScoresPro, another clone of My Bookmarks


ScoresPro is one of the simplest apps on this list, since it only allows you to see the live results of many sports. The good thing is that its interface is very similar to that of My bookmarks , so it may be the alternative you were looking for. In ScoresPro you can follow the matches of the main football, basketball, cricket, hockey, volleyball, rugby, handball, tennis and American football competitions. Its downsides? It does not have a mobile application and is only available in English.

Website | ScoresPro

Onefootball, ideal for watching news, results and even Bundesliga matches for free


Everything you need to know about world football is in this application. OneFootball allows you to see live results from 200 professional leagues and tournaments in this sport, as well as news about possible signings, interviews, statements, etc. But the most interesting thing about this app is that it lets you watch the Bundesliga 20/21 (the most important league in Germany) live matches for free . This app also has notifications and content customization so that you only see information about the teams and competitions that interest you. Without a doubt, it is one of the best of its kind.

Website | OneFootball

365Scores, an app with which you can follow players and match results


Normally, sports live scores apps allow you to bookmark your favorite teams and leagues so that you receive notifications and reminders of their matches. 365Scores does this too, but goes one step further and additionally lets you follow your favorite players . So, if a player from your country plays abroad and you want to know how he is doing, or if you are only interested in seeing the results of your idol, in 365Scores you can follow that player to be aware of the latest events of his race.

In addition to the above, 365Scores offers live scores, statistics for 10 different sports and multimedia content to see the best moments of a specific match. Plus, its dark-themed interface is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. In short, it is a very complete app that you should try as an alternative to My bookmarks.

Website | 365Scores

365Scores – Results and sports news

365Scores – Live Scores

Google App, a different and great way to see live results

Google App

By simply searching for the name of a team or a competition on Google, you can see the results of their latest matches, statistics, news, players and leaderboards immediately. However, if you want a more detailed monitoring of your favorite teams, we recommend using the Google app . It comes from the factory in almost all Android, so surely you already have it installed. This app has a Feedly style news feed where they show you the results or the next matches (with their date and time) of the teams you follow.

In addition, the application sends you reminders when a match that interests you is about to start. It even allows you to set the live score of the match on your mobile screen so that you can follow the minute by minute without stopping using the other apps on your phone. To achieve this, you just have to search for the game in the Google app and touch the “Follow game” option. You can also activate notifications so that Google alerts you about the most interesting moments of the game. Great, don’t you think?

ESPN, the official app of the popular television channel is also a good option


In the United States and Latin America, ESPN is the number one sports channel on television. Hence, its official application to see minute by minute results of different sports is one of the most reliable that you can download. The best thing about the ESPN app are its videos, news and opinion pieces made by sports experts who work for the company . In addition, if you are already a subscriber to the television channel, the app allows you to watch live games from top leagues such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Serie A, etc.

ESPN also sends you alerts and notifications of the results of your favorite teams. It even offers you the possibility of listening to sports podcasts, as well as the company’s ESPN Radio station. In short, if you are interested in the world of sports in general and want to stay informed about everything, this is your best alternative to My bookmarks.

Website | ESPN

FotMob, results and statistics for more than 200 soccer competitions


Another very good application specialized in soccer is FotMob. With this app you can see the results live with alerts and comments from your favorite teams, read news and see official summaries . All this in a very simple and pleasant interface in which it will not be difficult for you to find the information you are looking for. By the way, FotMob is also adapted to smartwatches with WearOS .

Website | FotMob

FotMob – Soccer Results

FotMob – Football Results

The official applications of leagues and tournaments

fficial applications of leagues and tournaments

Currently, practically all professional leagues and tournaments have their own application with the official news and results of their competition . If you follow many sports or many competitions, using the official apps is not the most convenient, because you will have to install many on your mobile and there are already apps (like the previous ones) that offer you everything you are looking for in one place. Anyway, here we leave you the official apps of the most popular leagues and tournaments in case you are interested in knowing them.

La Liga – Official App of Soccer Results

Premier League – Official App

Premier League – Official App

Lega Serie A – Official App

BUNDESLIGA Official application

UEFA Champions League: scores and news

UEFA Europa League: results and news

NBA App: Live Basketball

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