​The Final Version of Android Pie for Galaxy S9 Misses some Night Mode Features

The first beta versions of Android Pie for the S9 and Note 9 have impressed the users of Galaxy devices with a new Night Mode that was previously absent on the mentioned devices. The Korean giant has presented the official dark theme to make the user’s experience even more convenient. However, taking into consideration the user manual for the Galaxy S9 and its Plus-sized version that has already appeared on the official website of the company, the Night Mode isn’t totally realized yet.

​The Final Version of Android Pie for Galaxy S9 Misses some Night Mode Features

Based on the information mentioned in the manual, the mode should have been automatically turned on and off according to time and location. What is more, the necessary mode settings were expected to be enabled on schedule. However, none of these features has been noticed in the official Pie version for the Samsung’s S9. Perhaps, the Korean giant has decided to miss out this option, but it’s unlikely.

More evident, that it’s just a small fault of testers who just missed the absence of this option as the rollout of the stable update was extremely fast. Besides, these features of the Night Mode are mentioned in the manual and that cannot be a mistake. We expect that Samsung will fix this bug in a future update by the time the official firmware will be available in other countries.

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