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[Xposed] how to install Force Touch Detector

Using Xposed, the module Force Touch Detector developed by an XDA user, called tkgktyk provides a similar experience to that offered by Apple on the iPhone6S and the One Plus in One Plus Two and, according to the module creator Android detects all the pressures  made ​​on the device screen and that’s where the module enters. He said the Force Touch force Detect recognizes seven actions: Tap, double tap, long press, left tweezers, right forceps, tweezers up and clamp down.



In the module there are three modes:

  • Force touch: detects off touch;
  • Knucle touch: detects the slightest touch;
  • Wiggle touch: detects the pressure in a different way.

How to install:

  1. Install Xposed (4.x and 5.x)
  2. Download the module Force Touch Detector
  3. Install the .apk
  4. Enter Xposed and activate the module in the Modules tab
  5. Reboot the machine
  6. There, the module is working.
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