white Nexus with Android 4.3 in June?

white Nexus with Android 4.3

The Google I / O 2013 is still a disappointment for many users. While we have presented the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, this edition is clearly aimed at developers, no hardware involved.

But new rumors suggest that the big G is being kept an ace up its sleeve. And possibly see an white Nexus 4 in June . And Android 4.3 will be in charge of running this new Nexus 4.

As for Android 4.3, rumors are based on the API is updated to version 18, and has always resulted in a new version of Android. Also the 18 will enhance the Bluetooth API for Android , one of the weakest aspects of the Google operating system.

Regarding the white Nexus 4 , Qualcomm has been a fair models of Dubai, so we can confirm its existence, and you just have to connect the dots to assume that Google will use the launch of this new phone Nexus to present latest update of Android Jelly Bean.

Maybe tomorrow Google officially present the white version of its acclaimed Nexus 4, but it gives me the Google I / O will remain focused on the improvements made ​​to all your applications.