Vodafone RED: New program with unlimited talk and SMS


Press release, Vodafone announced a new program mobile phone, RED 1 in which subscribers have unlimited talk and SMS to all networks and unique services.

Press Release

The innovation of Vodafone RED is that for the first time a program offers much more than speech, since it helps subscribers to feel release, safety and economy for the whole family and the firm. Mr. O Glaucus Persianis, President and CEO Greece Vodafone said: “Vodafone RED release the mobile communication and combine it with the best user experience data, secure the device, the best customer service experience and the economy.” The Vodafone RED for the first time give the subscriber the ability to have:

  • Unlimited talk and SMS to all networks
  • The new service Internet 4 Sharing with which it can deal the GB program in laptop and tablet having a single account
  • Protection and security for the device but also for its content. Why has FREE appliance repair in case of damage, ensures the content of the service Vodafone Cloud, while the service Vodafone Protect provides anti-virus, detect and lock the device in case of loss or theft
  • The program roaming Ā«Vodafone Pass Everywhere” offering subscribers Vodafone RED can use the airtime, SMS and MB program abroad with very small daily cost
  • Even greater economic and unlimited communication for the whole family, because each member has 20% discount while combining fixed and Internet Hellas Online has additional 10% discount on program
  • Economy for his business, because it provides a 20% discount each month in professional programs fixed telephony and Internet, Vodafone Business Connect.
  • Also a subscriber of Vodafone RED will have access to a range of innovative services, Vodafone is preparing to present in the near term.