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UsbFix 2016 The malware scanner UsbFix UsbFix


UsbFix 2016 version 8106 is on the verification of USB storage devices specialized program to detect malware. In addition to cleaning, repairing and immunization, the freeware also provides optional disabling the autorun feature of Windows. you can download UsbFix and bay the  from official website by clicking here. the free version of this softwear is below.

  • UsbFix-1437033521-0-0
  • UsbFix-1437033535-0-0
  • UsbFix-1437033821-0-0
  • UsbFix-1437033829-0-0

Added on the:09/14/2015
Size:2.85 MB

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  1. is that portable version??

  2. also check the entire system

  3. works on windows 10 64 bit ??????

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