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Update Galaxy Gear for increased battery life


This week, Samsung launches firmware update for Galaxy Gear, which will give a lot of changes, but it is especially important is the full support notifications from third-party applications. Now, instead of simply getting the application icon on the screen, you can find detailed information, whether it is a notification from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Hangouts.

Notice also improves basic functions Galaxy Gear – function Smart Relay, allowing you to open the on-screen clock application, without the use of the smartphone, and perform some tasks. So far, Samsung did not say officially that update able to work longer hours, but the first lucky, upgrade Galaxy Gear to the latest firmware argue that in this respect, progress is noticeable. More improved gesture support that previously was just very unpleasant bug firmware.Originally Galaxy Gear worked only with Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but then watches made ​​compatible with devices Samsung, working on firmware Android 4.3, that is already there is a sense to buy Galaxy Gear, if you have a Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S4. 

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