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Ultimate Harmony Hub turns your smartphone into a universal remote

Ultimate Harmony Hub
Ultimate Harmony Hub

The manufacturer Logitech has officially announced a new accessory called Harmony Ultimate Hub , a ‘ appcesorio “that will turn your smartphone, either iOS or Android, all one command that enables you to handle all types of devices. It has been called as ” appcesorio “because besides the hub to connect the devices need an application on your phone and you can manage them.

The Harmony Ultimate Hub has a smartphone app whose interface is as simple to use. The hub is a small receiver that gives us the ability to have connected up to 8 devices and control different from anywhere in the house, as it communicates with the device through connecting Bluetooth , so we could forget about having to point the infrared sensor to change channels on the TV or change songs on the stereo, for example.

This receptor is part of the new Ultimate Hub Harmony was already part of other packs Harmony range but now Logitech has decided to start selling it separately in order to give you a more versatile and can thus attract more users.

Thanks to our smartphone Harmony Ultimate Hub will become a great remote control suitable for a wide variety of devices that can be found at home: from TVs, A / V receivers and hi-fi and others.

It will be available in the U.S. and Europe

As already mentioned above, in order to use the hub with our device is necessary to have an app called Logitech Smart Control, which you can download free for both iOS devices and Android devices. Through this application what we will have access and control over the various playback functions and settings of the devices that have connected to the hub. So easy is how we can turn your smartphone into a remote control.

Ultimate Harmony Hub
Ultimate Harmony Hub

For now, it is expected that the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub reach the United States which will be priced at 99.99 dollars and also come to several European countries, although in this case we do not know the exact price will be in Euros

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