Turns system sounds individually with Ultimate Sound Control [ROOT]


Sometimes you need to search among the sounds offered us so much as a ringtone and notifications and see if one convinces us to assign it as default and they always subject to the default notification sound volume in general and not a particular sound each addition to incorporate notifications unwanted data such as unlock, lock, camera focus, sound of drums and many more are examples of notifications or sounds which you may not want to sound but it is not possible deactivate or assign a different volume to the other notifications individually for each.That if  required root access

Precisely what does Ultimate Sound Control is to control, manage and customize sound options Android with options like disable certain notifications that we do not wish to be useful or not.Obviously there’s always the option of getting into the guts of Android to manually select notifications , libraries or operating system commands for these answers but we run the risk of cutting, change or remove something we should not have to restore and to recover something it is not necessary to use Sound Control Ultimate.

The application has two versions, Free and Pro whose difference is that with him to the applicability Pro and assign custom notification is added   to the existing standard.

Lastly, as a detail, has an Intelligent control volumes where the application is to manage the volumes independently possible to automate this process.

Requires Android Varies with device
Version: Varies with device