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Top 10 Hidden Features Of Galaxy S5


Galaxy S5 is filled with lots of features – some you see and once they are literally on the surface of the interface, and some are hidden deep in the settings menu. so you did not miss anything, Samsung has decided to formally present 10 hidden features that are in the Galaxy S5. Most of them will be extremely useful and surprising that we know very little about them talked about earlier.

The first feature, which emphasizes the Samsung Galaxy S5, is the ability to write on the screen with a pencil. Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 were presented with affordable high-sensitivity sensor mode, allowing users to interact with the screen, even with gloves. At Galaxy S5 this function has been improved and now can even write on the screen with a pencil. Another useful feature on the Galaxy S5 is the Toolbox, which we have already mentioned – when the screen is at hand always have access to the necessary applications that are user-selectable.
Also, if you turn the song while listening to Galaxy S5 in the landscape orientation, you will see the full playlist.

Samsung shows the Top 10 hidden features Galaxy S5

Samsung also included a confidentiality (Privacy mode) mode and for children (Kids mode), which can be activated manually. This allows you to not be afraid of cases, if your smartphone falls into the hands of unwanted users who can use your personal data. Also, children can not on your Galaxy S5 spend your money in the games, as they will be available to a narrow range of applications and games, and all this will be a simple and safe design.

Other notable, but still hidden features in the Galaxy S5 include pop-up notifications for calls, not fullscreen, in the messages application priority choice («Priority Senders»), several new shooting modes in the camera application, and more. If you already bought Galaxy S5 or another plan, you can already at this site to get acquainted with all the Top 10 hidden features S5. 

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