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Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

Make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S3 with these apps recommended for March

If you already have a Samsung Galaxy S3 or are waiting for the S4 , these apps allow you to enjoy the most of your Smartphone.

Drippler :-

What better way to find out the updates in your Samsung Galaxy S3 with an app that keeps you informed exclusively on them. Drippler informs you about the latest news, updates and tips to give you the best user experience.

Remote View Finder  :-

Remote View Finder is one of the best apps to maximize the use of the camera on your Samsung Galaxy S3. With features like timer, Flash, and adjustments to the resolution, you can capture the most entertained with your device mod

SwiftKey :-

SwiftKey is a very popular application for Samsung Galaxy S3 that lets you tap the keyboard more efficiently. SwiftKey identifies words you’re writing and finishes or corrected. You can also add your own words so that the app smarter.

Samsung Remote

It’s amazing how smartphones are occupying different areas helping to reduce the number of accessories that we need to operate the various technologies. This is the case of Samsung Remote , the app that turns your phone into a TV control. Of course, only works with Samsung TVs.

Zinio :-

If you want to maximize the big screen Galaxy S3, download Zinio , an app that lets you enjoy all your favorite publications. Your viewing and having several of the favorite magazines make pleasant reading experience on your Smartphone.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Until recently it was something know how to use photoshop for graphic designers and photographers. Thanks to the simplicity of the software, this task has been made ​​accessible to all who enjoyed our photographs retouched. Having Adobe Photoshop Touch in our Samsung Galaxy S3 allows us to improve our photos before sharing them on the network.

raw Something

The 4.8 inch screen of your Samsung Galaxy S3 were made ​​to play. That’s the theory Draw Something an app that lets you draw on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Live Score addicts

If you love football this is one of those times when you hide in the office to check the status of the Champions League. Well no need to walk hidden in the bathroom surfing the Net, with Live Score Addicts can have all the minute scores and news. It is the ultimate app for football addicts.

Pulse News

With so much information and all those blogs that you follow, it is hard to keep up with what happened where. Pulse News Media organizes all that follows and the different Blogs. Its display is friendly and quite helpful.

Flashlight Free

Ok, it’s not like Flashlight engineers would have won the Nobel for inventing this app, but if common problems solved. Flashlight Free turns your screen into a spotlight that can be used either when the power goes out at home or when a song moves you in the middle of a concert.One of our favorite, because of its simplicity.

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