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Tokyo Jungle will arrival to Android

Tokyo Jungle Android

Sony continues to insist on bringing their games consoles to smart phones and tablets to get their franchises juice with Sony Mobile system, games designed for certified devices, which need not be of the brand itself. This time we find an adaptation of one of the wildest games of PlayStation 3, Tokyo Jungle .
The premise of Tokyo Jungle was very innovative: all humans had disappeared for no apparent reason and animals had taken over the streets of Tokyo. There the animals struggled to survive, taking into account the needs for food and find a partner with which to perpetuate the species for a new generation with better attributes.

As it has been confirmed, this game will come out on smart phones soon, but the game play will change a lot. There remains a need to feed, if you are hunting for plants carnivore or herbivore if it is, but it leaves out the action in switching to a system-style strategy Final Fantasy Tactics.

The game is scheduled to depart the United States next week for the July 10 if there is no problem, but has not specified whether the game will reach Europe. If anyone has played the original game, you need to consider changing the style of play to avoid meeting a surprise, since that style of action was one of the keys of the original Jungle Tokyo.

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