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Tiny Thief puzzle game from Rovio arrives on Android

Some of you may be expected: know that Tiny Thief , the new puzzle game  published by Rovio Mobile is now available on Google Play .

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For those who missed the teaser, Tiny Thief is a puzzle game plunged into a medieval world where the player must solve several series of small puzzles become more complex over the adventure.

As soon as I saw the trailer, I do not deny that I am clearly in love! I almost surrounded the date of Thursday, July 11 to tell you about because, yes, I also purchased. As a result, I was able to try four or five levels, and I must say that the surprise is required, followed by a near-perfect handling and enhanced by a world that I love.

Specifically, Tiny Thief is an adventure full of puzzles friendly, where you will sometimes play strategy to outwit your opponents mini-game (ask a rotten cake next to a guard to scare you hide in a empty barrel to avoid being detected by a merchant, etc..).

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Tiny Thief  Android Game Info

  • Tiny Thief makes you rediscover the magic of the games point-and-click of yesteryear and will seduce you with its amazing style and offbeat humor.
  • Solve complex puzzles and meet amazing interactive game elements throughout your adventure. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable quest to save a princess and a kingdom in peril!
  • Six great adventures: you sneak and steal everything you can through six epic quests where you will discover a scary pirate ship and witness the head of an imposing castle.
  • Use the trick to get rid of your opponents taking advantage of the element of surprise and you sneaking quietly!
  • Unexpected surprises: Explore fully interactive levels and discover hidden treasures and other surprises at every turn!

Tiny Thief  Android Availability

The game Tiny Thief is available for 2.69 euros on Google Play :

  • Compatibility: Android 2.3 +
  • Application Size: ~ 45 mb

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