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This is the new Xbox One


Eight years after the launch of Xbox 360, Microsoft is a special event which was broadcast live, presented with every solemnity the successor of the most successful console of the current generation.
The Xbox One such is the official name, aims to be the one and only system for your living room which combines various services, video channels and of course the best games for all types of gamers, casual or hard core. As reported the rumors and confirmed the presentation of the Xbox One, the new console from Microsoft may be linked to other systems, mainly systems with cable while the package includes a new generation of Kinect which has a camera with a resolution of 1080p.


Impressed by the claim that Microsoft’s new Kinect has much greater accuracy and sensitivity to detect motion as it can detect even a slight movement of your wrist, a finger and the pulse you!
Some of the main features of Xbox One
Voice commands for full use of the console even opening
Direct boot
Blu-ray player
5 billion transistors and 8GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive
64-bit architecture, USB 3.0
Not compatible with games of Xbox 360, or with your purchased games in Xbox Arcade
Transfer of Gamer score
Menu which has several similarities with the modern environment of Windows 8 and Xbox 360
The Xbox One «run» three different operating systems , the Xbox OS on which they run games, a version of Windows for Skype type applications and third undertaken switch between them.
Application Skype (with support group calling) that enables video calls even during a game played
Ability Multitasking with which you can run two windows simultaneously
New controller with vibration system to trigger. Still recognizing the gamer once he caught the controller, the system proposes to continue the game from where you had stopped last time
15 exclusive titles from Microsoft Game Studios
The Xbox Live based on 15.000 300.000 server against the Xbox 360 and there will save all settings and the progress made ​​by the gamer in any game
Capable of recording video and taking pictures of the games you play with editable and easily share them on social networking websites
In other announcements, Microsoft announced its collaboration with the famous director Steven Spielberg who will direct a new TV series that will be based in the universe of Halo. Even in games that will be released the same day as the console include Forza Motorsport 5 as well as new versions of FIFA 14, NBA Live 14 and Madden NFL of EA Sports.
The Xbox One will be released towards the end of the year, with Microsoft be still keeps many claims report E3 to be held on June 10 and in which the company is expected to present several exclusive titles and maybe the price of the new console.

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