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The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with 4G exclusively with Vodafone

The mini version of the flagship of the South Korean company will land in Spain from the hand of the operator Vodafone 4G connection. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best selling Samsung smartphone to date and it is expected that his younger brother has also a great reception among users.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will be sold in a Vodafone exclusive for a limited time only , particularly during the summer months. Also, being consistent with the 4G network , customers who live in one of the provinces that have this coverage can enjoy the great advantages of high-speed network with this new smartphone.

Undoubtedly, this smartphone is a great alternative for people who do not like the terminals that have a large size such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and prefer to opt for something smaller and functional. The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will be available in two colors to choose: white “White Frost” and black “Black Mist” exclusively on Vodafone from next weekuntil next August 31 in the case of the white model until September 30  black model, so if you are a customer of Vodafone or you plan to spend on this company can be a great alternative to retire your current device.

Vodafone launches Samsung 4G Galaxy S4 mini with exclusive

Available with different rates for residential and business customers

To get the smartphone can do it from the shop Vodafone and Vodafone stores across various rates: On the one hand, with the rate Vodafone RED can get the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini without paying any initial cost but with a monthly fee of47 euros month, in which both the cost of the device as the monthly fee, which includes unlimited calls and messages and 1.5GB of data to browse the new 4G network.

Furthermore, through the Rate Base 3 the cost initial device will be of 49 euros plus a monthly fee of 37 euros per month which also includes the price of the device and the monthly rate. Base rate 3 includes 350 minutes of calls, 1000 SMS and 1GB of data per month for the 4G network.

But it does not stop there, because the companies will also be eligible to Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with price VodafoneRED Pro with zero initial cost of euros and a monthly fee of 51 euros per month with unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data to month to surf and talk through VoIP. On the other hand, you can also get to the Fee Base 3 Pro with initial cost of 49 euros and 41 euros per month , which includes 500 minutes, free calls and messages to mobile data and 1GB company to navigate.

Vodafone launches Samsung 4G Galaxy S4 mini with exclusive

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