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The Microsoft now supports the Google Talk through the Oultook.com


Microsoft wants to attract as many users as possible of GMail in her free e-mail, the Outlook.com which has 400 million active accounts.
So after supporting Skype through Outlook.com, Microsoft announced today support even a service, the Google Talk or else the service instant messaging Google!! The Google Talk integration will become the standards and other services that supports Outloook.com like Facebook and Skype but only the written text and not videos or recordings. As stated by Microsoft, sending messages to your contact via Google Talk will be just one click, with the company to use the official API of Google. The integration is expected to be completed by next week and Off-Outlook.com includes the file storage service, the Skydrive.com. While Microsoft will support and service Google Contacts from within the application’s calendar of skydrive and unity People.


However, Google is expected to announce tomorrow at the conference Google I / O , the consolidation of all the company’s services relating to communication such as Google Talk, under a single service with a possible name, Babel

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