The LG Optimus L9 receives its Android 4.1.2 update

They say ‘ the second time lucky ‘and finally, it seems that with this new update via OTA users of LG Optimus L9 see their devices’ uploaded ‘to version 4.1.2 of Android . Which is not to be the More recently, but at least they run smoothly.

And it turns out that the first attempt by LG to bring Android 4.1.2 to their Optimus L9 was not particularly well because there were errors in the management of the battery and Wifi, which caused the own ‘ update ‘is interrupted before finishing installation. So, the Korean company chose to fold sails and fix bugs up to offer a stable update. And here it is.

LG Optimus L9

This is the P76920f OTA update and work on all devices, whether they have version 4.0.4 serial bringing the Optimus L9as if you were one of those who tried to install the 4.1.2 the first time and the process was you half. Basically this review of Android adds new security options , the so-called Project Butter who manages to make much smoother movements for reaching telephone interface 60 fps., and the coveted Google Now to get information and pointers about what it is that need (news, traffic, maps, etc..) in real time.

LG only install this update via OTA , ie we have to make the whole process from the Optimus L9 menus accessingSettings> About Device> System Update . When you select the latter option should skip and info of everything that has to do with the 4.1.2 update , and yes, before you throw yourself into flour, as always, we recommend that you have a copy of everything on your phone and, importantly, to have fully charged battery if the update we will complete without the power cord connected.