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The launcher Google Now available for free for Android

launcher Google Now
launcher Google Now

G oogle Now, the search service Google launched a few months ago for Android, now has a new partner. It is Google Now Launcher , a launcher is based precisely on Google Now that could become very useful in the event that it is well developed and perfected.

It is a launcher that takes its cue from Google Now, in fact, the main screen will be identical to that of Now, while making a swipe to the left, we find ourselves in front of a screen with the recommended videos from Youtube, while, moving in ‘other card, you’ll actually installed apps.

Here are some other features of Google Now Launcher:

    • from the bottom of any screen, making a swipe upward to set up to a maximum of 5 applications to quick start
    • to make a call, simply make a tap on the edges at the top where there is the background of Google Now
    • to change the background, just press and hold on an empty part of the background
    • to go fast on the Play Store, just hold down the Google logo at the top
    • to change the location of the weather, click on the name of the place from the card to the main screen and enter the location keyboard
    • to change the display in degrees Celsius, just make a single tap on the temperature
    • to hide / display applications, go to the list of all apps and make a tap on the word Hide / Unhide
    • to go into the settings, just make a tap on the Google logo

The launcher in question is offered for free on Play Store.

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