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The iPhone mini could have 1 GB of RAM?


According to a series of leaked documents, the iPhone mini Apple seems to be finalized and would have 1 GB of RAM,a figure similar to that expected also in the iPhone 5S, which would have two versions.

Again from Asia come more rumors about the iPhone mini. This time there are more pictures of the colorful cases which we have seen lately, but some details of what would be its technical specifications .

First of all, we note that the accuracy of the documents, despite everything, no longer in doubt. Phone Arena says they come from a totally reliable source and AppleInsider seems to have confirmed the legitimacy other there of.

Besides the 4-inch display is meant by the size of their shells, add now the possibility that the terminal course mid range Apple would have a module to 1 GB DDR 400 MHz RAM , an element that share with the iPhone 5S also assumed that Apple will launch in September.

The documents published by Phone Arena are two code names for the next Apple devices: Zagato / Bertone for theiPhone 5S and Zenvo , which would identify the iPhone mini . According to this leak, the  Zenvo / iPhone mini also have adual core processor H5P signed by Samsung and it would reach 1.23 Ghz , data seem to confirm the presence of theA5 chip in the terminal instead of A4. Along with this you can also see that incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 .

For its part, the  Zagato / Bertone, supposedly iPhone 5S , in addition gig of RAM above, opt for a H6p chip , which is not further specified and that seems to point to a new A6 series chip. Also count on support for 4G LTE TDD.

Finally note that it is likely that both terminals from reaching the market at the same time . The Zenvo, iPhone mini , would be the one closest to start production, and even entering the verification phase in which manufacturers find that the design of the prototype works and is viable. For its part, the Zagato / Bertone, iPhone 5S supposedly still would not have left the prototype stage , and in fact, this name represents dual terminal two different models , perhaps thinking of some kind of special edition for specific markets and that the difference between them is minimal.

Little by little we are getting closer to September, when Apple seems to have provided not only the arrival of iOS 7 in its final version, but also a great little revolution to its most successful product lines, the iPhone and the iPad.

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