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The First Benchmark Sony Xperia Z1

The benchmarks are of a comparative : they have been compared in various top of the range of competitors such as Samsung Galaxy S4 , Motorola Moto X , HTC One , LG G2 , together with the obvious Xperia Z1 . Here are the results ( click to enlarge ).


The bench Quadrant is won by ‘LG G2 , immediately followed by Z1 and the ‘ HTC One .


AnTuTu proves to be a surprise, with the Z1 that slips in last place, just behind the Motorola Moto X .


The GFXBench change the cards on the table, with the Moto X which is activated in the first position followed by G2 and the Z1 .


And then the last benchmark, the Vellamo Metal, the Z1 wins slightly outperforming the G2 .

We know that the benchmarks do not mean much, in fact, often are opposed to what is the general opinion, however we were not too surprised, except perhaps by AnTuTu , which placed the Z1 in last position .

But you? The results are what you expected?

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