The concept of a touchscreen smartphone future

This concept does not rely on the 1000 processor cores and other characteristics of the future, and new sensor technology. The smartphone uses a virtual touchscreen ViTo (Virtual Touchscreen) – a management system that lets you replace the standard user interaction with the device using gestures.

Smartphone that you see, includes a high resolution camera with a dynamic stabilization and an infrared sensor. The display comprises pixels, sensitive to infrared radiation. However, such pixel receives light in a very narrow spectral range. This smart phone of the future will also receive a unique interface and control with gestures and voice.

On each side of the smartphone will be two cameras that will track the movement of the user’s eyes and the phone will automatically provide a virtual keyboard, for example. The smartphone will be charged with an induction charging and also work on the photoelectric cell, that is charged and from sunlight.

To be honest, this concept is not very far away in the future, as Samsung is very close to the release of such technologies in their smart phones, and much has been, by the way, is in the current devices. .