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Nokia Lumia LINE Gtes Update To Ver 3.3.2

Nokia Lumia LINE to version 3.3.2 is updated Nokia Lumia LINE was just updated to version , a minor update to the Russian language is added in addition to corrigir some minor bugs found in the previous version, while improving the overall performance of the popular messaging application, being now far more …

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Tweetian For Nokia MeeGo Updated To Ver 1.8.3

Tweetian, remember, is a great Twitter client written in Qt / QML. Provides a fluid interface and the convenience of Swipe to move smoothly to the page of the Timeline to those of mentions and messages. To download Tweetian for MeeGo v1.8.3 click the link .

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MusicAppMods For Apple ios7 Cydia Tweak

  The tweak is very simple, you will need to have more information, music, and will not do anything, not even to add new icons to Springboard. You can find MusicAppMods in the BigBoss repo on Cydia and you can download and install for free.Once this is done, you can …

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