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Soundtrckr v1.3 Symbian S60v5 (S^1)

Soundtrckr v1.3
Soundtrckr v1.3

From Nokia Beta Labs we hear of the release of a new version of Soundtrckr , the application that lets you listen to internet streaming millions of songs without paying a penny.
It switches to version 1.3 with the addition of new features and fixes a few bugs. Here’s the full changelog.
Instant and predictive search on Soundtrckr catalog of artists 1M
Faster station creation process
First song for any existing station will come from the artist the station Has Been Created with
T-Mobile USA and Orange UK sign-in fix
Performance and other bug fixes
Soundtrckr smartpone is compatible with all Symbian ^ 3 and S60 5th Edition with Java Runtime 2.1 and 1.4. By clicking on the following link you can download the free version for Symbian ^ 3 smartphone owners while S60 5th Edition can be downloaded by accessing this page .
Attention! If your phone has a previous version uninstall it before installing this new release.

    Soundtrckr s60v5, for Symbian S60v5 s^1

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