Soulcraft now for Nokia Lumia

Esther for Nokia Lumia, only for Windows Phone 8, is now available on Windows Phone Store. Without a doubt, one of the best action games of role in third person that we enjoy in our device, with graphics really very well achieved and playability as seldom seen.

Esther for Nokia Lumia is an action game, where we won’t stop fighting and exploring dungeons, battling with demons in real-world scenarios such as Venice, Rome, Hamburg, New York and Egypt. Plays Angel against dozens of enemies at the same time that you use lots of weapons, swords, items, spells, equipment, and of course, enjoy the looting.
Esther for Nokia Lumia, a little history:
When humans are about to discover the secret of eternal life, the angels and demons make a Pact for the apocalypse can materialize in the real world, fight with the humans for the victory and keep intact the circle of life. At Esther can play like an angel (soon also available human and demons), it depends on who will win this battle. It may be the devil in hell, God in the sky or the human race in this war of heroes in the Earth.

Soulcraft Nokia Lumia Windows Phone available in Store for 1.49 euros.