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Soon you could have a smartphone that bends


The latest technology fairs have brought an important development, and are flexible displays in which you are working but it will take a while to appear on the market.

There are already several companies working on it, as in the case of LG and Samsung (with Youm ) that they have in smartphones and televisions flexible, although other companies like Nokia, Sony, Philips and Sharp are currently working on prototypes screens that can bend and even roll without losing portability.

The first prototype is known in this respect is of Philips in 2006 for Amazon ebook that has a electronic ink display with flexible materials, although it has material behind the screen making it hard. Currently, among many others who have come to technology, LG has introduced its flexible and unbreakable screen (only missing mass produce). Samsung claims that present a flexible screen smartphone before reaching 2014.

Missing time, but it is clear that we will end up seeing it. You told me so long ago a person, why not make smartphones that bend or have a flexible display? One day not too far in the future is possible and even become fashionable.

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