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SONY Xperia Z1S Press Photo

Press Photo SONY Xperia Z1S 

A popular source of multiple leaks, Twitter user under the name Evleaks, again provides us with new news. This time the news was published Photo smartphone SONY Xperia Z1S.Unfortunately, Evleaks did not disclose any details about the technical characteristics of the new items. Original SONY Xperia Z1 went on sale a few weeks ago, and it is doubtful whether the company SONY will release before the end of the year another flagship smartphone. Most likely, SONY Xperia Z1S is the international version of the smartphone SONY Xperia Z1 Mini, which is already on sale in Japan as SONY Xperia Z1 F. Another possible theory is backed up by a stylish icon 4G LTE, the device – this version of the SONY Xperia Z1 mobile operator T -Mobile. The location of the front camera is different from the international version of the SONY Xperia Z1. However, the change of the name of the original for the U.S. market is not uncommon. Given that all manufacturers are striving to bring their products on store shelves by the end of November, most likely, the official announcement of SONY we shall see in the next couple of weeks. There is a chance that will go a few leaks, but already there and all the secrets of the solution, we need only check for updates.

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