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Sony is preparing to launch PlayStation 4 in Japan


Sony is already preparing the landing of your console PlayStation 4 in territory Japanese even if there is plenty of time, as the Japanese will not buy a PS4 until next February 22 .

Sony faces this shot very easily , because in the old continent and in America the PlayStation 4 has gotno problem overcoming the number of sales of the Xbox One, and in Japan, is no exception as it is a PlayStation quintessential market where Microsoft consoles are strangely purchased.

If the Japanese market is so important, why are you so late? Availability, Sony delayed the release of the console in a fully secure market for them to have units available in the rest of the face of Christmas markets , market where consoles Microsoft are much more successful , and trying to have every possible units in markets that the absence of the console could mean buying rival console and, today, it is difficult to find, as we can imagine what would have happened if the PlayStation 4 launch had not been delayed in Japan.

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