Snapdragon BatteryGuru upgrade to version 1.8

The update will bring the app to version 1.8.0 :

  • New low-power mode : allows to increase the battery life when you need it most
  • Various fixes and improvements

The main innovation lies in the new mode called “low consumption”: thanks to this when you battery level reaches a certain threshold (which we obviously choose), change some aspects of the terminal through the following actions:

  • Reduce the brightness of the screen
  • Reduce Screen Timeout
  • Stop app update (sync)
  • Disable mobile data
  • Turn off wi-fi
  • Disable Bluetooth
  • Disable vibration
It is a mode very similar to that which is found, for example, on with HTC One Sense 5.0, but with many more options. Here is the simple screen with which to configure this new feature:
We remind you that you can find on the Play Store BatteryGuru free and is compatible only with devices with Snapdragon SoC
Snapdragon ™ BatteryGuru
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