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Situations For Nokia Belle and MeeGo Updated version 2.0.4


The new release of Situations offers a new user interface, a more powerful “engine” inside to allow setting more “Situatsions” at the same time and some tweaks that will allow future development on other platforms.

For those who do not know what you’re talking about say that this app allows you to program a series of actions that are activated automatically based on various criteria, such as time of day or particular conditions chosen by the user. It is therefore useful to, for example, disable data connection when not needed, or the network signal during the night, for the activation of energy-saving in certain circumstances, and much more.

To follow the link to the free download Situations v2.0.4 for Nokia Belle.

Update : The new version of Situations v2.0.4 has been released for the Nokia N9. You can download it by going to this address or by clicking on the link found below.
Situations v2.0.4 for Nokia Belle Situations v2.0.4 for Nokia N9

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