Seagate will ready the first 5TB HDDs and 6TB in 2014

The family will take the first leap Terascale


The big attraction that have mobile devices like tablets has caused the industry giants rethink their priorities HDDs to meet the new requirements of space. Consequently, they have had to postpone the release of higher-capacity hard drives that had been scheduled for 2012. The good news is that even come your way, and according to a recently leaked roadmap, the first HDDs with up to 6TB capacity are scheduled for next year.

The Site courtesy MYCE roadmap indicates that Seagate plans to expand its Terascale hard drive family, which are oriented enterprise segment, with units that reach 5TB and 6TB capacities, which in turn are identified with the codename Constellation ES. 3 “Megalodon” as the current 4TB drives. Among the possible specifications speech work at a speed of 5900 RPM, 64MB cache will DDR2, SATA 600 interface used. What remains unknown is the kind of dishes that will be used.


If we rely on the characteristics of current Tera scale hard drives, which will be supported talked to Technology HVT (High Vibration Tolerance), which provides high vibration tolerance ensures scalability and working sessions 24/7. You can also expect ISE Technology (Instant Secure Erase), focused on reducing draft time hours to milliseconds.