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Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R5, R3 and R1

R5, R3 and R1

R5, R3 and R1 extend the range Wireless Audio 360 which to date has included speakers R6 and R7 to provide high sound quality without neglecting the degin. Using its proprietary Ring-Radiator, which creates an omnidirectional movement able to spread the sound throughout the room, the new wireless audio speaker 360 will ensure an incredible sound experience in any corner of your home or office in which they are placed.

A simple touch of the top of the speaker to activate, edit or select the source of music while the renewed application Multiroom you can search and select music and interact with the speaker over large distances by connecting via WiFi network. Multiroom is also compatible with Samsung Gear S and within it will also be with the new smartwatch Samsung, thanks to a renewed user interface, the introduction of new features and optimizations several.

Speakers Wireless Audio 360 R5, R3 and R1 will be on sale by the end of 2015, with prices ranging from 178 euros to 356 euros. Here are some 407369_8187_3451 Samsung_R5_R3_R1-672x372 samsung-ring-r5-r3-r1 Wireless-Audio-360-Speakersimages.


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