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Samsung is testing the network 5G

Samsung  network 5G

While the network LTE , relating to the fourth generation, until just beginning to be fixed in the markets of many countries in the world, Samsung is busy developing 5G . The Korean company conducted an experiment in which able to transfer data through the air at a distance of 2 km at a speed of 1 Gbit / s in the 28 GHz band. To do this, 64 were involved in the antenna.

In the future, the rate will rise only: 5G surpass 4G «a hundred times,” which, of course, looks fantastic, if you remember that 4G in theory can provide up to 100 Mbit / s for mobile objects, and 1 Gbit / s – for stationary. In practice, the speed of modern LTE-networks usually fits a 75 Mbit / s, which is, however, too much.

While you can not think about this, for which the average user may need to transfer gigabytes of data per second – 5G technology will be available for commercial use until 2020

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