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Samsung Galaxy S3 suddenly “Dying”

Samsung Galaxy S3 suddenly Dying

If you are a long time, the owner of Galaxy S3, you might get the odd “event” – the phone turns off and restarts for no apparent reason. Do not worry because you are not alone and Samsung aware of such situations.

Message appeared on the site Reddit and now there to win more than 150 comments that are written by the community XDA-Developers with the discussion topic of the sudden death of Galaxy S3. Just over a month ago was even raised a similar theme, which brought together more than 60 pages of discussion and at the time this writing has been known in detail when and for what Galaxy S3 may fall into clinical death. A total user was able to describe the problem TurtleRecall. At the time of his commentary on the XDA forum discussion had already gone up to 56 pages, and users are constantly writing about the fact that their flagship suddenly passed out. The unit can run for 150 to 200 days and then just like that can happen. If the user does not have time to get a root-rights or install custom firmware, Samsung is able to change the device under warranty. been speculated that damaged NAND and because there is a problem. Of concern is that Samsung has already replaced the motherboard of the same issue that raises a big question about the general problem of smartphones, released six months ago or so. This suddenly happened to my friend’s smartphone, though he did not set myself any custom firmware, or even root-law. And was constantly on the official firmware from Samsung, upgrade from ICS to Jelly Bean. Samsung does not officially recognize that there is a problem, but after the call to the service center, we have seen that such a problem, we were not the first and the last time such applications are very much in the call-center Samsung. turns out that no reason was dying board in the Samsung Galaxy S3, and exchanged them for free, though a replacement was on the board again, the old model, but because smartphone can die again in a few months, if not sooner. We report the first about this problem with the popular smartphone. Again, we see that no device is perfect and independent of OSes, is running on the machine, some problems still occur. However, this does not mean that this should be done with a smartphone. Anyway true size of the problem we do not know because there are no comments from Samsung on this issue. However, we believe that only a limited number of units of Galaxy S3 suffer from sudden death. Otherwise, we would see a more resonant discussion. Though today December 21 and may be the very reason Galaxy S3 was almost dying in droves? Supposedly the end is near? Joke. Seriously, we’re waiting on you comments and opinions on the subject. Have you come across this problem? If so, how do you help the official service Samsung?

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