Saturday , December 16 2017
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Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE: now in Russia!

Finally in Russia will soon announce the start of sales Samsung Galaxy S3 to support LTE. Samsung have prepared a joint statement and MegaFon. Thanks to the cooperation of mobile operators and manufacturers in Russia will officially flagship LTE-smartphone a top class.

Buy Galaxy S3 LTE it will be able to December 20 in MegaFon’s network or in the official online store of the operator costs 29,990 rubles. difference mainly lies in the fact that this model supports SGS3 fourth-generation network with transmission speeds of 100 Mbit / s. To date LTE network operator is available in 17 major regions. Before entering the smartphone will sell a number of certification tests. By the way, in addition to Galaxy S3 MegaFon is preparing to introduce other devices with LTE 4G. powerful smartphone features with the support networks of the fourth generation Galaxy S3 make one of the most attractive devices in the mobile market in Russia.

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