[Rumors] Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 6: The eight-versus dual-core?

There is some evidence on which it became known, future iOS devices will be created from the chips by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co and it means that Apple refers to the direct competitors Samsung for the most key component.

AppleInsider reported that the information received from the researcher Citigroup Global Markets, which published the report. It is a statement that in the future most likely the iPad will be quad-core processors, created on 20 nm technology. They will also be used in the assembly, and even Apple TV MacBook. But, nevertheless, there is also said that the future iPhone smartphones will continue to dual-core processors, to avoid problems with power consumption. The next iPhone might be called either iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6 and it may appear on WWDC in the summer of 2013.But rumors about the next Galaxy S4 even more contrast, as expected, that it may be even eight cores. Eight-Galaxy S4 can get a scheme by which it will be just 2 Quad processor. Again according to rumors it will be presented early next year at the MWC.