Robird For Android Powerful Twitter Client

Robird For Android
Robird For Android

Robird , an application that works as Twitter client and provides many utilities that will help you use this social network easier and faster as well as more comfortable and with some interesting options.
Robird allows you to choose topics, where to place your tweets, font size, customize notifications and other functions as his famous Tweet Marker, which lets you sync the most of your Twitter account.

Features Robird

Push Notifications.
TweetMaker. To synchronize your Twitter account.
Uploading multiple images with Preview.
Program how often you want to refresh the content.
You can schedule tweets, write when you want to be sent anytime
Preview image services and image navigation betweet with just swipe left or right.
You can create drafts of tweets if sending fails, and that self-send when you have as Internet.
DashClock widget extension.

If you’re a fan of Twitter and are pending tweets you send and send you, Robird is an interesting alternative to make everything easier and faster.

Robird is an application which costs € 1.53 and is compatible with every Android device (varies with the mobile device version).