Remote playback for Nokia Lumia updated

Playback Remote for Nokia Lumia, only for devices with Windows Phone 8, and also known as Nokia To Play, is updated to version, including a better Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure that it will continue to operate with new devices and firmware updates.

Remote play to Lumia Nokia makes use of the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology to play our files wirelessly, we can play multimedia files (videos, photos, or music) without any cable, in devices that support the technology, and conectadosa are our home network.

Remote play to Nokia Lumia operation is very simple, once launched the application will detect the output devices (TV, amplifiers, a/v, video game consoles or Blu-ray reader) which support the DLNA and are connected to the same network, no need to configure anything the WLAN. Then you can choose which file we want to play from your mobile device.

Remote play to Nokia Lumia is available for free on Windows Phone Store.